Useful Links

Here is a list of internet sites you may find useful:

Xeffort Library

MGaitens4Xft is Mike Gaiten's page with various Xeffort resources.

Fortran Resources

Fortran Library is a Fortran portal

Fortran Company is another Fortran portal

Intel Software Forums are the place where you can discuss Visual Fortran related issues

comp.lang.fortran - the general Fortran newsgroup

Fortran Standards Technical Commitee

Source Code

Netlib is the world's greatest repository of numerical software.

Orderpack is Michel Olagnon's package for sorting and ordering.

Fortran Parser is Stuart Midgley's software for run-time expression evaluation


InnoSetup is freeware tool for creating great setups.

ISTool is GUI front-end for InnoSetup

Tortoise CVS is open-source Version Control System

WinCVS is another open-source Version Control System

PushOK CVS Plug-in is a plug-in for Visual Studio for interfacing with CVS

OE-QuoteFix is a must-have plug-in for Outlook Express which makes it behave like sane users expect.

List of OpenSource Windows software on SourceForge

AMD CodeAnalyst is a free profiling tool for AMD processors. Works quite fine with Visual Fortran generated executables.

SysInternals has a bunch of excellent Windows advanced utilities

List of Visual Studio Macros on Codeguru. offers cheap and reliable access to Usenet newsgroups.

Win32 Programming

MSDN Home Page is the reference for everything you want (and don't want) to know about Win32 programming.

Catch 22 Productions by James Brown is full of excellent Win32 tutorials - general Win32 programming newsgroup

Funny (but enlightening)

Computer Stupidities

Hackers' Jargon Dictionary