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Xeffort was created by Jusolav Dujic. He wrote:

Luckily, I had no much opportunity in my life to write CVs. I mean luckily because I basically hate it. Anyway, I decided to include that part of a typical home page here, just because I myself often wonder how certain people I know only through the net look like.


I was born on March 2nd 1973. in Doboj, Bosnia. I lived in Odzak, northern Bosnia until 1991, when I went to Novi Sad to study electric engineering. I finished it rather quickly and got a B.Sc degree in december 1996. Soon I was noticed by my current boss Dragan Popovic who offered me job on Department of Power Systems, which looked attractive due to projects the department had for electric distribution utility "Elektrovojvodina". The initial project for development of a set of functions for analysis of distribution networks (Load Flow, State Estimation) very quickly grew up and a lot of other projects matured, involving also foreign companies such as Elsag, Italy and Sainco, Spain. The initial set of functions was enhanced, and our graphical user interface  (mostly written by me) for it speeded up both the development and customers' interests. In the meantime, the department took the name "DMS group" and nowadays acts as a mixture of a private company and a department on the faculty.


My first programming steps were, as with most kids, taken on a Commodore computer, first in Basic, then in assembly. I learned C in my student's days, though the faculty course didn't offer much in the field of programming. Actually, I entered power engineering major, not computer science, since I was more interested in dealing with megawatts and kiloamperes than with picoamperes and bytes; however, later the things came to its place and I combined my two greatest interests - power engineering and programming - in a single job. Only if it were paid a little better... but one's never satisfied.

I first met Fortran on my job - that was the sole language my colleagues, faculty professors, were familiar with, and I was forced to study it. Soon I got interested for Fortran 90 features from MS Fortran PowerStation and recognized similarity of mechanisms used in C, and started applying them in my programs. I overtook the code for GUI written by my younger colleague (I mean, younger than others) in MS Fortran 5.1! All menus, buttons, check-boxes were drawn line-by-line. Soon I ported it to a "Standard Graphics" application, then to QuickWin, and finally in 2000. to a pure Win32 application, all using only Fortran. In the meantime, it was named "DMD" (Dynamic Mimic Diagram).


Jugoslav is actually a Serbian name older than Yugoslavia, though I admit that my parents perhaps were a bit too patriotic (and had no very far envision, also -- but I can't blame them for that) when they gave it to me.

My family name is pronounced as "Dooyich".

Marital status: married since 2004 with Tijana.

My current residence is Novi Sad, the most beautiful city in Serbia.

Oh, yes, bridge is (used to be?) my another great passion. I'm currently a "National Master" (which is a questionnable title in a 1000-member league, but sounds good). Also, I'm webmastering the site of Novi Sad Bridge Club».