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Miscellaneous Samples

MenuDialog sample illustrates how to add menu to your dialog by means of dialog subclassing. In this way, you can add other non-supported controls (e.g. TreeView) into a DFLOGM-handled dialog.

Download MenuDialog workspace

AutoArrays module by Tim Hatamian contains procedures for using "Auto-sizing" arrays.

Download DemoAutoArrays workspace

QWToolbar sample illustrates how to add a toolbar to a QuickWin application. Win32 technique of subclassing the frame window is required.

Download QWToolbar workspace

View QWToolbar.f90 source

ThreadDlg is a sample program for executing a lengthy computation in a separate thread while providing the user to cancel the calculation. The sample is now updated to display a progress bar as well.

Download ThreadDlg workspace

View ThreadDlg.f90 source

XFTFile is wrapper module for GetOpenFileName Windows API, which is quite frequently needed function. XFTFile saves you from C->fortran string conversion, string parsing, filling a huge OPENFILENAME structure etc. As its name suggests, it's originated as part of XFT library, but with minor modifications turned out be useful in any project type.

XFTFile is moved to Xeffort Library Section. You can find it in Xeffort full download or Xeffort Lite sample.